Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Surf Club Easter Ball

Hosts Michael & Rita Morgan

Between romancing and dancing, Rita and Michael Morgan make beautiful music together. Even their phone recording gives friends a daily double. A two-fer. As always generous hosts for the Easter Ball at the Surf Club, photographers’ flashes would capture Michael and Rita welcoming their 100 plus guests. This year the reception was held in the Berry room, which downsized the greeting space. Hence, a missed photo op. Rita did double duty with welcomes until Michael arrived (some men take longer to dress, I guess.)
Friends of Rita and Michael spell out FORM. True to form, our popular dancing duo attracts an awe-dience as they stride and glide across the dance floor. Irene Patti Swartz Hammond (a mouthful) used her precious pipes to warble “Easter Parade” at the start of the tasty crown of lamb dinner. Chocolate bunny favors had slimmed down to keep eager eaters from bulking up. Michael and Rita always ask the chef to bake a birthday cake for me and after blowing out the candles, I know maitre d’ Teresio will have it boxed to take home. If I be an Easter feaster it will grow bigger keister. Bunny hugs await our happy hosts. The line forms to the right.

Top Photo: Jim & Barbara Cromarty
Bottom Photo:Ida Snow, son Eddie Snow, Jr.

Bill Mathay & Mary Jane Hubbard

Dr. Mort Hammond, wife Irene Patti Swartz Hammond,
Eileen & Richard Perillo

Watch this space for the rest of the photos............